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The Debt Counselling Process is for people who are over indebted. Generally speaking, this means they do not have enough funds to meet all of their financial obligations. Therefore, If you think or know that you are over indebted, please make use of our free online Debt Calculator. Besides, If you find that you need help, complete our contact form, click here. We will contact you, send you an application form and assess it Free and Confidential. Secondly, with your consent, we will start the Debt Counselling Process. In addition, we will request your outstanding balances from each Credit Provider and develop your Debt Restructuring Plan. While, this will enable us to reduce your monthly installments and negotiate lowers interest rates, consequently working towards overcoming your debt.

Debt Counselling may be the Remedy !

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    Firstly the Application for the Debt Counselling process

    First of all, complete the Application form.
    Together with all details of your credit providers.
    Furthermore, If you are married in Community of Property, your spouse will need to sign the application form as well.


    Are you over indebted?

    In fact, an over indebted assessment will be done from the information that you provide us.
    Of course, If you are not over indebted but struggling, we can still help you.
    Finally, If you are over indebted, we move to the formal process.


    Secondly the Notification

    First, Debt Free Plus will then notify your Credit Providers and notify them of your application for Debt Review.
    Secondly, for the first 60 working days after your application for Debt Review, you are safe from Legal Action.

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    Then, we will request a Certificate Of Balance from each of your Credit Provider.
    Finally, after receiving the COB’s, we will move to step 4.


    Debt Repayment Plan

    Furthermore, your Debt Repayment Plan will be carefully put together by your Debt Counsellor.
    In addition, special attention will be given, reducing your Installments to a realistic and sustainable amount.
    Most noteworthy, is our relations with Credit providers. Therefor, negotiations made on your behalf will be Legally.
    Your final proposal of your Repayment Plan will be send to your Credit Providers and you will start paying accordingly.


    Lastly the Court Process

    The Repayment Plan will then be taken to Court. Hence, our mission is to ensure that Credit Providers accept your final Proposal and for the Magistrates Court to enforce these reduced installments.
    Furthermore, your Debt Counsellor will appear in Court on your behalf!


    Finally the Clearance Certificate!!

    In conclusion, the process is now complete!. Besides, all you have to do is pay your installments on time to prevent Legal Action.
    You will receive a Clearance Certificate from us once all of your debt obligations are fully paid.
    Finally, your name will be cleared from all Credit Bureau listings.
    Most of all, you can now live Debt free!!.

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    Debt Counselling Process is our passion, the Consumer are our Priority!!

    Equally important, make sure your Debt Counsellor is registered with the National Credit Regulator.

    Are you in a Financial crisis?

    Let us help RELIEF your debt for you.

    Get help today

    Are you in a Financial crisis?

    Let us help RELIEF your debt for you.

    Get help today
    Debt Free Plus will protect you with Legal assistance and help you to become Debt Free. PLUS, we Reduce Installments and Interest Rates!!!
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