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Why use debt counselling

Debt Counselling was introduced by the National Credit Regulator. It’s meant to reduce the monthly instalments of consumers who are struggling to repay their debt.

When will I start feeling relieved

No action may be taken against you during the first 60 working days after you have applied for Debt Review. Within 5 days after you have applied, we will work out a provisional, realistic and sustainable debt repayment plan for you, according to your lifestyle. During the 60 days after application your final repayment plan will be finalised. You will pay a single payment to a Payment Distribution Agency, who will ensure that your money is distributed according to your repayment plan.

Do I have to come to the debt free plus offices

No, the entire process can be done via e-mail or telephonically. If you live in South-Africa – we can help you.

How can debt free plus lower my monthly installments

The National Credit Act allows Debt Counsellors to lower your monthly instalments by working out a repayment plan. It can involve an extension of the period for repayment and sometimes even decreasing your interest rate.

What happens if I cannot be helped by debt counselling

If you are not eligible for Debt Counselling, Debt Fee Plus will refer you to a service provider who will be able to assist you with your specific situation. A rejection fee of R300 will be charged, as an amount of work has already been done in trying to assist you.

Can I trust the debt counselling process

Yes, Debt Counselling does work. It however requires a deal of cooperation from your side. If you are willing to pay your debt, but just can’t afford the large amounts of your instalments – Debt Counselling will be perfect for you. Debt Counselling has been around since June 2007 and has developed massively since then. Many loopholes have been corrected and the Act is now doing what it was intended for – helping YOU! Thousands have been through the process and paid off all of their debt.

What if my credit providers don't accept my proposed installments

It is possible that your Credit provider may not accept the reduced instalments that we propose. We will then submit the proposal to the Magistrate Court to make your repayment plan a court order. We focus on creating a reasonable repayment plan so that any disagreement can be avoided. It’s thus unlikely that your Credit Providers will be unhappy with the plan that we propose.

How do I lodge valid complaint against a registered debt counsellor or credit provider

If you have a complaint regarding your Debt Counsellor please contact your Debt Free Plus 013 753 3228 directly. If the matter remains unresolved please contact the NCR directly. You can contact the NCR on 011 554 2600 or 0860 627 627 or send an e-mail to

If you have a complaint regarding a Credit Provider please contact Debt Free Plus 013 753 3228 directly. If the matter remains unresolved please contact the NCR directly. You can contact the NCR on 011 554 2600 or 0860 627 627 or send an e-mail to

To speed the process up, complete the attached Form 29 and send it to the NCR.

Also visit:

DCASA does not have the judicial power to adjudicate complaints against Debt Counsellor’s or Credit Providers.

Any industry or general Process issue can be referred to DCASA for possible discussion and Industry forums.

My debt counsellor failed to reduce my interest rates

In terms of the Act, a Credit Provider is not obliged to consent to reduce interest rates.

Unless a Credit Provider consents to the reduction of an interest rate; or
If Debt Free Plus make use of the DCRS system industry concessions may be applicable in terms of lower interest rates and/or fees. In terms of the Task Team Guidelines issued by the National Credit Regulator a Credit Provider is obliged to accept a valid DCRS proposal.

Why did my Debt Counsellor take my monies when i started Debt Review and not pay Creditors?

Firstly, Debt Free Plus is not allowed in terms of the National Credit Act to collect Debt Review Payments. Payment can be collected by a Registered Payment Distribution Agent (PDA) who will collect a single payment and distribute payments to all Credit Providers.

In terms of the Debt Counsellor Fee Guidelines, issued by the National Credit Regulator, the first amount deducted from your account will be paid to the Debt Counsellors for his fees up to a maximum of R 6000.00. Usually, in practice, the 2nd and 3rd months, in some cases, monies debited from your account will be paid towards your legal fees.

Are you in a Financial crisis?

Let us help RELIEF your debt for you.

Get help today

Are you in a Financial crisis?

Let us help RELIEF your debt for you.

Get help today
Debt Free Plus will protect you with Legal assistance and help you to become Debt Free. PLUS, we Reduce Installments and Interest Rates!!!
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