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What will it cost?

With any professional service, it is reasonable to expect that professional fees will have to be paid.  This is very true with Debt Review.

Debt Counsellors commonly make use of commonly agreed industry fees along with suggestions from the National Credit Regulator to price their services.  The costs for debt review are not very high, as the idea is to help debt stressed consumers get out of debt as soon as possible, not to make more expenses for consumers.  The fees involved are built into each consumer’s debt repayment plan and is based on how much they end up repaying each month toward their debt.  This means that the repayments are simply part of what consumers repay each month not over and above that amount.

The industry has set up a fee structure which makes allowance for consumers who have less money and repay less toward their debt each month, to pay their Debt Counsellor a smaller amount in professional fees.  Even those consumers, who have more and eventually pay a higher amount toward their debt because they can afford to do so, benefit from agreed caps on fees.  Let’s look at some examples of what debt review might cost a consumer  or a couple.  Couples make a joint application and don’t have to pay two sets of fees.

Being able to cover all your basic needs at home removes a huge amount of stress from your life.  debt review budgets help reduce any wasting of funds that can go towards your debts.

Say for example your reduced installment amounts to R3150.00 your Debt Counsellor fee will be R3150.00 plus VAT once off.

Say for example your reduced installment amounts to R8500.00 your Debt Counsellor fee will be R8000.00 plus VAT once off.

The maximum fee any Debt Counsellor may charge is: For One applicant R8000.00 plus VAT and for Consumers married in Community of Property R9000.00 plus VAT, this fees are Regulated by the National Credit Regulator

In cases where all your Credit providers consent to our proposal a Fee of R1250.00 is payable for the National Consumer Tribunal to issue an Order.

Application fee

FREE application and consultation

Debt Restructuring Fee

We will calculate your distributable amount (The amount that you have left to pay creditors each month, after living expenses have been deducted from your income). This amount = the restructuring fee. It will be deducted each month and we will distribute it between your creditors, your attorney and your debt counselor.
First month: Debt restructuring fee calculated as your distributable income (max R9000.00 excl. vat) Second month: We aim to pay your legal fees and creditors from the second month Third month and thereafter: The distributable amount including the Debt Counselling fee (aftercare)

Aftercare Fee

Charged at 5% (max R450) of your instalment amount.

Cancellation Fee

A withdrawal from Debt Counselling after the Debt Restructuring has been done, will result in a charge of 75% of the Restructuring fee.

Are you in a Financial crisis?

Let us help RELIEF your debt for you.

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Are you in a Financial crisis?

Let us help RELIEF your debt for you.

Get help today
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